Sunday, July 5, 2009

June 29 - July 5th

Only a few more days with the family gone. I am getting quite bored and very ready for them to be home again. Seeing as I was over at David and Katie’s I spent some time there with the girls. We had so much fun the night before and the next morning. I love being with my family! 

Even though the family was missing in action for a while we made for it with all the fun we had at our first Collier Family Reunion. With t-shirts and all we stormed Heber Camp with food, fun, and music. As soon as we finished our family pictures we were able to change into our grubbies and have some real fun!

Clearly Dad enjoyed the food the most! Two sausages... really dad?
Bouncing babies! Too cute for words.
I have never seen anyone enjoy watermelon as much as my little Sadie Bug!
I see modeling my future! What do you think?
My sister has the best sister in the world! ;)
Who forgot to zoom out? I believe that would be my mother!
Cheese Gromit! Cheese!!
Chatting it up at the table.
Ahhhhh... High school sweet hearts! clearly it didn't work out! ;)
Nothin' beats a good book out in nature.
Goldilocks and the three bears... this was my family assignment. After convincing a few people to be good sports we told the story with a few fun props. It turned out to be quite funny and entertaining for both the actors and audience.
David, Katie, Lily,  and Kylie
Mike, Des, and Evylee
Jenni, Mark, Payton, and Sadie (missing in action)
With a squeeze and a SMILE!!!
I thought looking up eliminated double chins???
Oh, pretty!
My favorite Nephew! I can say that because he is my only nephew... he he he
Wonderful hot shmoos....
Who picked up these crazies!?!?!
I think they rose a little too much! but still just as delicious as ever!
Oh look, a sight you don't see every day... I"M READING!
No one has a cooler family than me! Who else piles up on a giant pile of sleeping bags!
Trust building obstacle courses... we did alright, but had a rough time all balancing on one little beam.
A few swings later we all landed safely on the wooden plank... but one of these things is not like the other!
How high can you fly... with a little manly assistance? 
The whole crew! I love my family and am so happy we could all have so much fun at this reunion. I hope it keeps happening and that we can always enjoy each other!

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