Sunday, July 26, 2009

My friends from swing club; Fyffe, Alex, Aaron, Celcey, Mike, and Deb decided to kidnap me from FHE  and take me to see harry potter again. Although I had already seen the movie once, it can’t hurt to see it again. I must admit,  though I loved it the first time, this time was much better. I think watching it when I am awake makes a huge difference. It was a pretty late showing but early enough that I actually was able to remember seeing it. I had so much fun and really enjoyed being with my new friends!

Had a weird experience this week with one of my new friends. Alex Moore asked me to go out to ice cream with him so I could hear about his family reunion and trip to Illinois. We decided Slurpees were a better choice, and headed out to the gazebo at the Draper Historic park to sit and chat. As we moved from small talk into a real conversation I casually asked if he was related in any way to Devin Moore. I thought that there was no way they could be with such a common last name and such a huge distance. I mean Devin is from Texas and I met him in Idaho. How on earth could they be related. How wrong was I? Devin is not only his cousin, but his favorite and closest cousin. I nearly flipped. Here I was on a date with my old serious boyfriend’s cousin. Oh it gets better... I knew he looked familiar when I first met him, but I never said anything because I have a problem with getting myself into embarrassing situations when I think I know someone. Oh no, not this time. I really did know him from before. I had dinner at Grandma Moore’s house right before my mission. He was there too! 4 years ago and it all still is very vivid in my mind. Crazy mormon world! 

Tuesday night was crazy fun! I got to help plan and execute a triple date with Audrey. I guess somehow she managed to get her hands on 6 free tickets to the Ogden Rodeo. We picked up the boys and had a crazy dance party in the car on the way there. We even took the time to dress up and look the part. 

First you have Audrey and Matt, with his crazy stylish glasses. I love how much fun these two can have without worrying about what other people think. 100% pure fun for them!

Maria and Mitch came along as well. They are quite the couple. Insight left and right about absolutely everything. I would get lost just listening to them talk, but enjoyed every minute with them. Personally when it comes down to looking the part I think Mitch wins. His scruff just gives him the tough cowboy look.

And here is Jake and me. Fun fun fun! we laughed and enjoyed taking pictures of all the great things that happened at the Rodeo. I wasn’t too good at catching clear action shots because it got dark so fast, but we still played around with the camera to see what we could get. 

This shot is my personal favorite. I was pretty proud of myself for catching this. Mid air trick! The motor bikes were pretty cool and most definitely got the crowd going better than anything else at the Rodeo.

Too much fun with the crew! It was way too much fun to have on a week night. I hope we can keep this up through the summer. It never hurts to have a little fun and get dressed up every once in a while. Try it! It will change your life! Let go and have a little fun.

I love hanging out with Audrey. I know I keep saying all these great things about her, but honestly I am never exaggerating. She saved me from social suicide this summer and I am so glad! She is my best friend and I look forward to doing this again with her soon!

I had originally asked Bryce Lake to go to the Rodeo with me so we could catch up and make up for the date I have owed him for a good 5 years. Sadly he had other things going on and wasn’t able to come, but when he called me back he had another idea. I guess Keisha, his dad, and himself were headed out to Utah Lake to go boating, so I hopped on that bandwagon and decided to go with them.

I mostly enjoyed the time I had just sitting at the front of the boat, but when the tube came out I was the first to jump on. Steve has no heart when it comes to tubing. He will whip that boat back and forth at crazy speeds. I know it doesn’t seem like we are going all that fast in this picture, but I have bruises and bumps to prove otherwise.

When all the tubing was done we all jumped on for one last picture seeing as only four of us could go on at once. from Laft to right we have Rachel (Keisha’s roommate from BYU), Dan Funk, Me, Bryce and Keisha. It was so much fun.

Keisha and I enjoyed our Zingers on the way home and had the best looking wind blown hair ever! I was surprised at how curly it still was with all that wind blowing it back! Super hot, I know. After a long wait to get into the dock we cleaned the boat, I said my goodbyes, and I headed down town to try something new. Alex and Spencer wanted me to try Blues Dancing. I decided that I was only going to watch the first night. It took a lot to convince them that I wasn’t going to dance, but eventually they got the picture. I sat back and watched and came to the conclusion that Blues Dancing just isn’t my cup of tea. 

What a wonderful experience I had this week when I got to go to the Draper temple and see one of my sect childhood friends go through the temple and finally get sealed to her husband and children. Dana Brooks has been a great friend since I was 11 and her husband Andy Hyer has been a friend from way back when. In fact I am almost certain that David and I can take full credit for their hook up. About 5 years ago they got married in Dana’s back yard with my dad performing the ceremony. At the time Andy wasn’t a member of the church. He had a lot of friends who were and even a grandpa who was still an active member, but never really felt the desire to join. After a few years and a lot of effort from Dana’s family and mine Andy joined the church. I was so happy that Dana stuck with it and was determined to get Andy to understand what she believed. Well This week was the icing on the cake. Wednesday morning I went to the endowment session for both Andy and Dana. I couldn’t hold the tears back. It was so cool to see tow of my best friends make the right choice to go through the temple. I thought that would be all I could see, but as I left the temple I knew that I needed to be there for the sealing as well. I said a quick prayer and called my boss to see if I could come in a few hours late. He said if I could find someone to cover than he was fine with it. Felicia was such a sweetheart and covered me. I raced back into the temple to meet my family before we walked into the sealing room. Dana and Andy came in and the waterworks started all over again. Seeing them get sealed for all time and eternity was priceless. Soon after the ceremony was started the two kids, Bryce and Brooklyn, were brought into the room in their white clothes. Such a sweet moment to remember. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I swear I cried more than anyone else in that room. Why do we cry when we are happy anyway? seems pretty backwards to me. ;) It was beautiful and I am so happy and honored that I could be a part of it. 

After work I of course headed to the U as usual for a night of fun and friends. Swing dancing there has almost become a addiction. I love getting exercise and having fun at the same time. why would you ever do it any other way? We danced the night away and headed to Dee’s for a milkshake or two. Only problem is that they didn’t have a table big enough for us so as you can see we all piled into one booth. It made eating a little difficult, but fun. Good times with good friends can’t be beat!

Happy Pioneer Day!!! A new added tradition to throw into the mix is a family brunch and swimming. I ate the best pancakes ever, enjoyed a little time with the family, and then headed out the door to my next adventure. 

Mike, Cherry and I decided to take on Utah Lake once again in our canoe. We packed it up in Cherry’s grandpa’s truck and headed out to the lake. In we hopped with Mike as the captain, Cherry as the navigator and me just chilling in the middle enjoying the water and small breeze. We jumped out and swam a bit. We didn’t last long in the water with the smell and fish, but it was too hot to stay in the boat the whole time.  

Part way through our adventure we decided to take on the weedy area of the lake. Mike paddled straight into the brush with confidence like any good captain.  

With no paddle and no opinion I sat as we got stuck in the middle of the brush. I was ready to jump out and push, but then I remembered how many creatures would be lurking in that nasty water. So as any good passenger would do I sat and waited till we reached a safe place. 

With my luck I ended up working on Pioneer Day. Mike and I worked hard to get out as early as we could so we could meet up with Alex to watch fireworks. We headed out to Cottonwood found a place on the high school grounds and watched the great fireworks. The finale was pretty impressive for such a small town. After the fireworks we went to a park and had a picnic with pizza... until the sprinklers went off. Guess it was time to go home.

Saturday I got to spend time with a few of my new found friends. Felicia from work, Fyffe, Alex and I decided to enjoy the weather and take a hike. We hiked to Cecret Lake and had a picnic at the lake. A short simple hike that was very enjoyable. It was beautiful! I wish I could spend all day every day outside.  

After spending half the day outside we continued our activities down town at the gateway fountains. we splashed and played for a good hour. A swing song came on, so naturally we started to dance in the water. 

I felt a little weird breaking it down in the middle of public, but it was fun. I'm so glad Mom let me take her water proof camera so I could catch a few of these super fun moments. 

By the end of the hour we were drenched from head to foot. Not a dry spot on our bodies. But what is the point of going down town in the summer if your not going to play in the fountains? ;)

Dad finally got released form being bishop this week! I hope we will get to see a little more of him now. It was a great sacrament meeting listening to all the great men that have run our ward for the past 5 years. Mom gave a great talk about Dad and his “super suit.” I always knew he was Mr. Incredible! 

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